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RediPulse PRO-12-CLIPS

RediPulse PRO-12-CLIPS

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Part #: 735X243

Easy to Use: With three 72" cables and battery clips that plug directly into any of the 12 stations of the RediPulse PRO-12 and PRO-12-RP. Use as a replacement if one of your existing modules becomes damaged or lost. RediPulse PRO-12 not included.

One-year limited warranty covering material and manufacturing defects.

Each set can maintain from 1 to 3 lead-acid batteries, including flooded cell, gel, VRLA and AGM.  The set includes three sets of 6' cable leads made from SPT-1 18 gauge wire that plug into the main unit and 6 red and black nickel plated sheet steel alligator clamps to attach to the battery posts.

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The secret to our success is our patented pulse waveform, which removes and prevents the buildup of lead-sulfate deposits on battery plates. That primes the battery to accept and store maximum power.

Long trusted by the military, our tech is ideal for anyone who wants to get more out of their equipment. Whether you're looking for a car battery maintainer or a reliable car battery charger, our technology ensures peak performance and longevity for your vehicle's power source.