Xtreme Charge - XC400 4-Amp Battery Charger

Xtreme Charge - XC400 4-Amp Battery Charger

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  • The Xtreme Charge XC400 charges and maintains ANY 12-volt lead-acid battery
  • Extends battery life with desulfating pulses up to 3x longer
  • Pulse Technology, provided by PulseTech Products, minimizes lead sulfate crystals on the battery plates, enhancing the performance allowing the battery to accept more power and extending the life cycles of any size or type of 12V lead-acid battery
  • Packaging Includes: Charger, Eyelet, and Clip Lead
  • Warranty: Five-Year Limited Warranty

Conditioning and Maintenance: Most chargers look at battery voltage only when it comes to charging. Utilizing highly capable software and microprocessors, we consider the multiple parameters that affect charge acceptance over time and deploy the proper processes to not only fully recharge your battery but also desulfate it for improved performance and maintain it properly for extended periods as needed to extend its usable life.

The Xtreme Charge XC400 is truly different. As a trickle charger, it gradually supplies power to batteries, preventing them from losing charge when not in use. Our patented high-frequency Pulse Tech Battery Solutions gently desulfates the battery plates by breaking down sulfation crystals, allowing the micro-particles to flow back into the battery’s solution. This innovative Pulse Technology makes it an effective battery desulfator charger, as it primes the battery to accept a deeper charge, perform better, and last up to 3x longer. xc-400

  • Perfect for stored vehicles! No overheating or overcharging no matter how long the car battery maintainer is connected. Max charge current of 4 amps.
  • 5-Stage charge process allows our Pulse Technology to recover most 12V batteries to optimal charge capacity extending battery life. *Not all batteries are recoverable.
  • Fuse-protected, spark-proof, and water-resistant this 4Amp Battery Maintainer best for ATVs, UTVs, boats and automobiles.
  • Works on 12 Volt Lead Acid Batteries - Wet cell, VRLA, EFB and AGM batteries.
  • Auto restart after power failure.
  • ETL, BC and FFC approved.
  • Recover and maintain up to 4 batteries at a time with our QuadLink 4-Channel Battery Charger Multiplier.
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The secret to our success is our patented pulse waveform, which removes and prevents the buildup of lead-sulfate deposits on battery plates. That primes the battery to accept and store maximum power.

Long trusted by the military, our tech is ideal for anyone who wants to get more out of their equipment. Whether you're looking for a car battery maintainer or a reliable car battery charger, our technology ensures peak performance and longevity for your vehicle's power source.


A trickle charger is a device that gradually supplies power to batteries, preventing them from losing charge when not in use. By charging at a slower and steady rate, trickle chargers ensure batteries never become completely dead and can be left connected for an extended period without overcharging. Just plug into an electrical outlet and it will do the rest - maintaining charge levels, preventing sulfate build-up, and ensuring peak performance. Whether it's a 12 volt trickle charger or a 24v trickle charger, it's essential for keeping your batteries in top condition.


Customer Reviews

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Bobby Bailey
Best small chargers!

We needed some more small chargers and having used Pulse Tech before, that is who we turned to again.
Our ranch has over 30 pieces of equipment that have batteries, so we are well versed in what a good charger is......Pulse Tech is It!

Arthur Nelson
Expectations Blown Away

Just another battery charger for the farm vehicles....... Wow was I blown away with this little bugger. In two short weeks it has recharged 3 of my DEAD ones on a few of my "old" cars and has also picked out a dead short in the mower battery. I am very enthusiastic about this Maintainer/charger I can see another purchase much sooner then I was even contemplating!!! 10 Stars!!!! Skip

James Brassfield

As described

Roger Jorgenson

I need more information on the operation of the charger. How long is it supposed to pulse and what tells you if it has finished? Can you overcharge, ect.

Stephen Plouvier

Xtreme Charge - XC400 4-Amp Battery Maintainer Charger