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Xtreme Charge 4Amp Battery Maintainer Charger

Xtreme Charge 4Amp Battery Maintainer Charger

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Part #: 200X010

Best-in-Class Battery Recovery: XC400 - test, charge, condition and maintain all types of 12V lead-acid batteries.

Unparalleled Charging: Conditioning and Maintenance: Most chargers look at battery voltage only when it comes to charging. Utilizing highly capable software and microprocessor, we consider the multiple parameters that effect charge acceptance over time and deploy the proper processes to not only fully recharge your battery but also desulfate it for improved performance and maintain it properly for extended periods as needed to extended its usable life.

The Xtreme Charge is truly different. Using our patented high frequency Pulse Technology, it gently desulfates the battery plates by breaking down sulfation crystals allowing the micro particles to flow back into the battery’s solution. This primes the battery to accept a deeper charge, perform better, and last up to 3x longer.

Durable and Reliable: Features a rugged and protective plastic case, is splash and dust resistant and comes with an eyelet and clip lead for easy, multiple uses. Five-year limited warranty included. XC100, XC 100, XC400, XC 400, Xtreme

  • Perfect for stored vehicles! No overheating or overcharging no matter how long the battery maintainer is connected. Max charge current of 4 amps.
  • 5-Stage charge process allows our Pulse Technology to recover most 12V batteries to optimal charge capacity extending battery life. *Not all batteries are recoverable.
  • Fuse-protected, spark-proof, and water-resistant battery charger best for ATVs, UTVs, boats and automobiles.
  • Works on 12 Volt Lead Acid Batteries - Wet cell, VRLA, EFB and AGM batteries.
  • Auto restart after power failure.
  • ETL, BC and FFC approved.
  • Recover and maintain up to 4 batteries at a time with our QuadLink 4-Channel Battery Charger Multiplier.
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The secret to our success is our patented pulse waveform, which removes and prevents the buildup of lead-sulfate deposits on battery plates. That primes the battery to accept and store maximum power.

Long trusted by the military, our tech is ideal for anyone who wants to get more out of their equipment.

Customer Reviews

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Arnold Caruk

Xtreme Charge 4Amp Battery Maintainer Charger

My 20-Year-Old Battery's Journey with Pulse Tech Maintenance"

I am attaching pictures of a battery that is over 20 years old that has been maintained for the last 17 years with a Pulse Tech Extreme charger. I believe I have caused the battery to fail by trying to maintain it with a 3amp charger.
It over heated and has shorted.
I’m very happy that it has lasted this long. I wish I had the place to dissect the battery to look at the internal condition of the plates.
Needless to say, I am a believer the Pulse Tech products.

Charles Chebuhar
Xtreme Maintainer Charger

Love this company. Excellent value for the money!

Another Great Product from Pulse Tech

I've been using several XC-100 Pulse Tech devices for years. Started with a couple, quickly added a few more and now have added 3 new XC-400s to my arsenal. Long cold Alaska winters demand reliable battery maintenance and these pulse/chargers have never let me down. When Spring does eventually come back around all my batteries are fully charged, conditioned and stronger than ever! Since I've only ever used the 1 amp devices I'm limited to only comment on them for now however, if these XC-400 4 amp devices are anything close to them... I'm confident they'll provide years and years of even stronger dependable service. Thanks Pulse Tech!