Read what customers have been saying about our battery performance systems:

"PulseTech makes amazing products that just work and they stand behind their product. I have one of their 7W solar battery maintainer/charger on my dump trailer and these things just work. I never have to worry about these working and everything about the solar charger speaks of quality and good design. I will only install these solar chargers on my equipment. Not to mention you get a high quality panel and charge controller for a very competitive price and as of this writing they come with a 10 year limited warranty.

Buy your charger from PulseTech and never look back, since they have your back. I've already recommended PulseTech to one of my local trailer dealers (I wouldn't get factory or dealer installed unless I knew it was PulseTech) and I will be recommending PulseTech to anyone I can."

-Greg M.

"Just a note, I bought an Xtreme battery tender [XC400] nearly 19 yrs ago and it's still going strong, never had one last like this one does."

- Customer @porpoise60

"Gotta love Pulsetech products. Got 10 years out of truck battery and now 11 years out of my tractor battery. https://pulsetech.com/ You should check them out, solargizers are great for batteries that are not used/charged often, like tractors and RVs. Pulser works great for vehicles used frequently."

- Jesse Wade

"I have to say I am impressed with these units [PowerPulse PP-12-L]. These are on the 4 house batteries of my motorhome and the batteries are over 10 years old. They went on when batteries were installed. The batteries are still working great. I would never expect to get the service out of these batteries without your units."

-Leroy Ellis

"I just had to write you about now amazing your product is.

I got one from your rep when I was working as an engineer at Hach Company somewhere around 2015-2016, an XC100 12V charger. After I retired I took it home. (Yeah, I know, but these things happen!)

In 2016 I took the 1 year old battery out of  my car, connected the XC100 and left for Asia for five years. My daughter kept the house and the battery was inside on constant charge. Keep in mind that this is a cheap no-name auto battery, now seven years old.

I returned home last week, March 2024, put the battery back in my RAV4, and it spun right up. Not a second of hesitation.

I worked for 5 decades as an electronic design engineer and must say that this product has surprised and delighted me as much anything I've seen in that time related to battery technology. Lithium may be the 'thing' now, but if you want long term maintenance or charging of lead acid tech, then I put my money on PulseTech.

I am duly impressed!"

Murphy Pickard

"I took the 100 series [SP-100] to a place in the rainforest of Costa Rico and every year I go there the car battery is good to go."

Ronny Navarro
Ronny's Inc.
Los Banos, CA

"Noticing extended life on season batteries, ie; motorcycle, bobcat, boats. Highly recommend the XC400."

Dennis Cauley
Oconomowoc, WI

"I have purchased 3 each PP-12-L PowerPulse units - the first one was in 2015 and was installed on my 2003 Dodge 2500 with a 5.9 Cummins diesel. I was getting around 3-4 years life out of the batteries until I installed the first PowerPulse unit. With this unit installed, it extended the life to just under 6 years, which almost doubled the usable life. I then in 2017 install one on my 17KW Standby Generac unit which prior to the installation was going thru a battery every 1-1/2 to 2 years. The battery was new when I installed the new PowerPulse unit and has almost 6 years of service. I took this battery to Batteries Plus and had it load tested, and it passed with flying colors. The Sales Rep at Batteries Plus stated that he hasn't seen many batteries this old in this area that are in this good condition. I have one also installed on my wife's 2017 Toyota Camry which still has the original battery!"

Richard Sporn
Sugar Land, TX

"I purchased several of the PulseTech 10 watt solar chargers. The results are amazing. I have saved thousands of dollars in batter replacements. I have seen batteries that were ready for recycle, become useful again for over 1 year.I have collected data proving that the PulseTech charger will add or stabilize batter life. One example is an E450 work van I purchased 5 years ago. The vehicle sees on and off use with up to a month between use. I have a 10 watt PulseTech solar charger connected to the dual battery system. I HAVE NOT REPLACED THE BATTERIES IN THIS TIME. Those batteries are at least 6 years old!I highly recommend."

Michael Baca
Rio Rancho, NM

"Used these products on my motorcycles, golf carts, autos for years. Nothing better."

Rodney Jones
RDJ Express
Talbott, TN

Technology Can Be A Slippery Slope

Using technology can sometimes be a slippery slope. Never is this more true when it comes to operating your coach’s electrical system. Most people are somewhat intimidated when operating their coach off the power grid. It’s so convenient to go from 50-amp power pole to 50amp power pole, they don’t voluntarily get much experience with boondocking (operating your coach totally dependent on the resources you carry onboard).

Such a situation was thrust upon the ECOA gathering at the recent Tampa Supershow when the Fairgrounds was unable to provide the contracted 30-amp power. Folks who were already on edge with no water supply and no way to dump, suddenly had their electrical power supply go missing and they had to quickly learn how their electrical system was designed to operate. How to set their Auto Gen Start was at the top of the list to set the battery level appropriate for the AGS to start the generator and recharge batteries. Also setting up their climate settings so the AGS would kick on when the internal temperature got too warm and the thermostat called for cooling. For some, their angst was multiplied by knowledge they failed to fill up their diesel before they arrived and were starting the emergency with less fuel than they would like. Let the hands-wringing begin, right?

As always, the Entegra Family stepped up and those of us knowledgeable in these things shared our knowledge with our neighbors and soon we had generators turning themselves on and off when needed and they began to feel a bit more comfortable leaving their pets in their coaches while they walked over to the show and visited the exhibits. Not only were we networking amongst ourselves, but when a couple of serious situations cropped up, techs from the Entegra display were dispatched to smooth out the rough edges.

While the final outcome was that the Fairgrounds did all the right things, some of our members departed the experience with confidence they could now do Harvest Host overnight stays and trust their coach (as reported elsewhere). There was another big reveal that I feel it important to share.

There were several recent edition Entegras that were having battery issues. One 2019 coach’s batteries were so bad, their AGS wouldn’t work because they wouldn’t charge sufficiently to start the generator, especially if the Auto Start was set below 12.0 volts. This is pretty rare in a four year old coach. So other than a bad cell in a battery, what can cause such poor battery performance?

Sulfation is a condition in which excess lead sulfate crystals are deposited on the lead plates in a lead acid battery to the point that they impede the lead/acid chemical interaction and electricity is no longer produced. In essence, it coats the lead plates much like plaque collects on your teeth. Many of our campers were noting short cycles and the AGS was starting their generators with too much frequency. Sulfation slowed their recharging and their batteries were showing their age.

Now Entegra has a Battery Maintenance routine built into their VegaTouch control boards, but most of the folks had never used it. Before VegaTouch, we called that process “equalization,” and we manually performed that function periodically with manual settings on our inverter controllers. In essence, it supercharges the batteries to about 15 volts which creates some heat and some gas, but it causes the lead sulfate crystals to shed the plates and return to solution. If that is not done periodically, your batteries fail prematurely as the plates become blocked up.

In comparison, I noticed my batteries would last from 10:00pm (13.8V at Float) to 8:00am and when I checked my readout, I still had 12.1 volts in my house batteries in my seven year old coach. This is the same performance I had when my coach was brand new. I have never run the Battery Maintenance function in my Anthem. It worked that way every day of the 5 days of the Supershow. Here’s why… When we took possession on June 15th, 2016, the very first change I made to our coach was to add a 12V PulseTech PowerPulse unit to each 6-volt pair of my House Batteries (2 units) and one to my 12V (parallel) Coach Batteries, for a total of 3 PowerPulse units. These units provide 24/7/365 desulfation to my batteries and a full six and a half years later, I’ve seen no drop in performance whatsoever.

I never run the battery maintenance function and my batteries are going on 7 years of age and last throughout the night for some 8-10 hours before the AGS calls for a recharge. While I’ve shared the good news about the Pulse Tech units on several occasions in our newsletter and at many many tech talks. I’ve discussed these with Pat Carroll from Entegra Coach, but they haven’t added them at the factory level as of this writing.

You can consider this a testimonial if you’d like, but really, it’s just me, a dumb ol’ shop teacher sharing what I’ve learned and demonstrated on both of my Entegra Coaches. If you can double or triple the life of your batteries for a mere $150.00, it’s a worthwhile investment. That they also make your life more trouble-free is an added bonus.

Finally, I’ll add another quick battery story and golf cars. I have a 48-volt unit on my EZGO. Five year old Trojans can do 36 holes…still after 5 years. Playing a round of golf, a buddy asked if we could drop his cart at the turn and could he ride with me. He said his 3 year old batteries were failing and he didn’t think he could finish. So we loaded him on and played nine more. While we were finishing, I told him about PowerPulse and their ability to help restore old batteries. So he got one and about a week later, he could do 18 holes. Then about a month later, he was able to do 36 holes…and he never did change out his batteries.

Moral of my story is this…don’t bother with Lithium and all the expense and changing out technology that is not suited to Lithium batteries. Keep your batteries and add a proven technology that will keep you on the road! Don’t bother going down that very expensive slippery slope.

Wm. Patrick Bauer
Entegra Coach Owners Association
Sun City Center, FL

"I have a PowerPulse 12V unit in my Dodge Truck that has a battery that is now going on 8 years old and still going strong.
Thanks for a great product."
Bob Earl

"I first learned about the approach within a few months of moving to Fairbanks, AK in 2002. When I moved, I took with me the '87 Camry wagon I had. Upon arriving, I bought a new battery for it from Sears - a genuine Diehard. Perhaps three months later I added the Pulsetech [a PP-12-L]. I managed to buy one of the US-made ones.

When I left AK in 2014, I sold the '87 Camry. It still had the battery in it I bought in 2002. That's twelve years of service - on a 60-month battery."

Larry Bowman

"Well I can't wait to get it.
We bought one 3 years ago for our dumping trailor that we use seasonnaly and the battery is always 100%. Best investment we ever made.
This is a great product.

Jerome Lavoie

"See that, after many years with our PowerPulse I knew it will let me know if a battery is getting low on water. I have one for each of my 5 batteries on my 40 ft. convert and battery life goes on and on.
And on."

Ben Strasser

"Thus far my experience with your device [an SP-3] has been nothing short of great. It made my first three-year battery last seven years and I’m at three years with my expensive Korean battery that’s only warrantied for one year. I’m with the US military in Korea and I don’t know why they are not using these products."
Tim Bailes

"We bought [an SP-7] 3 years ago for our dumping trailer that we use seasonally and the battery is always 100%. Best investment we ever made. This is a great product."
Jerome Lavoie

"Not only is it OK to use, I have a Ryobi 480e myself with 4x75ah original batteries from 2017. They were starting to really lose their capacity, to the point that I could only mow about 1/5 of an acre, so I hooked up a 48V PowerPulse [PP-48-L], and after 6 days of charging, with the PowerPulse hooked up, the batteries have actually gained a very noticeable amount of their capacity. I was able to mow nearly the entire 1 acre on my first charge! I've just used the mower again, to cut the remaining grass from that first mow, and I've noticed the capacity is continuing to increase. I may not have to replace my batteries as soon as I thought. If you have a Ryobi 480e, I strongly recommend getting a 48v version of one these!"
YouTube user @anubis44

"Nobody in our Fire Dept. took me serious about using these on our remote stations. So to test this out, I bought one of these personally and installed it in a remote station that has no power, on a firetruck that has three large commercial batteries which are on their last leg. We just can't keep them charged. After installing it, I went by there after 2 months. The truck fired right up first try. We were looking to connect all these stations to the power grid at a cost of thousands each plus have a monthly power bill. Nice product!!"

Capt. David Baldwin
Training Officer
Sumter County Fire & Rescue
Americus, GA

"I have lots of your solar chargers, and they are great. Thank you for your great solar chargers, they are saving our little company money every month."

Craig Hansen
Broad Run Contracting
Ashburn, VA

"After reviewing many options in battery maintenance, I was approached by many vendors and different types of recovery chargers and maintainers for batteries. With our bus fleet being (984) yellow route buses and (115) 14-passenger mini-buses and Suburbans, our battery replacement cost was significantly costly yearly.

We took the time to pilot the PulseTech Xtreme Charge SC-6 6-Station HD Battery Recovery Charger for a 3 month period at one of our five facilities.

The batteries were removed from 24 units with dead batteries in this 3 month period and placed on the SC-6 HD Recovery Charger. From the 24, we had 19 return back to the shelf for use, saving us over $1900.00 in replacement battery cost.

After reviewing the cost savings of $1900.00 for a 3 month period and tracking our battery cost per facility per month we were able to see a cost savings only at one of our 5 facilities. We moved forward to purchase the 5 PulseTech Xtreme Charge SC-6 6-Station HD Battery Recovery Charger systems, which within a year would pay for themselves.

We are now into the first year with the one Xtreme Charge SC-6 6-Station HD Battery Recovery Charger and have seen savings at the one facility well over $12,250.00.

The Xtreme Charge SC-6 6-Station HD Battery Recovery Charger is lightweight and compact, saving space in our battery room. The free training provide by Steve Respondek from PulseTech was informative to us at Northside Independent School District, including his experience and product knowledge.

We have been very satisfied with the Xtreme Charge SC-6 6-Station HD Battery Recovery Charger and of course the dollars that it has saved our school district's budget for transportation."

Xavier (Harvey) Quintero
Vehicle Maintenance Manager
Transportation Department
Northside Independent School District

"I have a PowerPulse [PP-12-L] on my personal truck and one on my camper. Best investment in my electrical system I could have done."
Richard Osman

"I bought one of your [SP-5] units a number of years ago, and I can't believe how well it works. I have a solar charged gate opener and batteries would only last 1-1/2 to 2 years .Then I installed the SolarPulse and basically forgot about it. While cleaning out my file cabinet I found my last battery receipt, it was over 6 years old! Amazing product."
Wm. Carter, Lakeland, FL

"We are in a solar powered off-grid home. For years we have travelled south in winter. That means leaving a metal storage garage full of a van, a sports car, a motorcycle, a branch chipper, a lawn tractor, and a 1998 GM utility truck. Oh yes, a Kawasaki mule too.

At first I set up a 75 watt solar module, with charge control and the output to a bank of seven heat-sinker diodes to isolate each of seven fused cables going to all these batteries. That way a bad cell in one battery could not discharge all the others. Worked fine a few years, but then a dead cell in the truck battery pulled the whole system voltage down to 10.5. No other batteries were harmed, but of course that stopped the maintenance charge to all the other batteries.

Then I replaced the diode isolation idea and added two of your 4 channel [XC-QL4-K1] timed cycling charge splitters. This meant batteries are isolated, but one bad battery would have little effect on the others. One of your isolators has 4 batteries attached, the other only 3 as my total battery count was 7. That means as batteries are rotated by your devices, one going through 4 rotations, the other only 3, not the same batteries are charged together, it varies each cycle. And it works, no one bad battery can kill charge to all the others. If one battery cell fails and pulls the charger down to 10.5 volts, that only cuts a little charging time from a different battery each cycle. All good."
Steve Willey

"I have been pleased with the performance of your [SP-5] trickle charging solar system but alas, I am now 83 years old and on O2 24/7 and getting out of the RV life. The pulse system has been of dependable service and I believe that the extension of our battery life has been as advertised. Also in the several years we have had them our deep cycle batteries have never required addition of more distilled water. I would say that your product has served us well. Thank you and happy sales in the future."
Fred Davidson of El Segundo, CA

"I have a set of 2 - 6 CS 25P Surrette Batteries 1999 manufacture date. I put one of your maintenance systems [PP-12-L] on in early 2000. These batteries are still going strong, I use about 250 amps per day at present and they recharge as normal. Although I don't have a comparison without the pulse unit, I feel confident the PP12L has increased the battery life substantially."

"Thanks for a great [SP-5] product that delivers what it promises."
Bob Gresham

"I have purchased two ERVs from your store. They are still both performing very well, I believe the first one is probably at least 7 years old now and still working daily. Super product, would recommend to anybody!!"
Jordon Gertsen

"This [SC-6] is indeed a truly great product"
Ben Strasser

Your xtreme charger [XC100-P] – what a fine piece of equipment. I own six of these units and there is no telling how much money you have saved me!! I have also sold several units to friends with excellent results!!! Over the years a couple of them have quit working, but you never failed to repair/replace them at no charge. If you need a poster boy for these units let me know – THEY ARE GREAT!!!"
Paul Simona MacDonald

"I just want to let you know how pleased I am with the X2 Xtreme Charge Dual Station charger/desulfator which I recently purchased from you. I use an 18AH motorcycle battery to power my portable audio equipment. After just three months, I was only getting 1-3/4 hrs. use per charge at the discharge rate my equipment demanded. I bought your unit, and now consistently get 3-1/4 hrs. at the same power drain, almost double what I was getting. Thanks again; you make great stuff!"
Ken Lunde

"I wanted to follow up with you on the SP-25 we purchased from you 6 months ago for our 4 Lifeline GPL-4DA batteries. We use the charger on our sport fishing vessel that we keep in the Eastern Caribbean. We've now had two visits to the boat where she has been left for 2-3 months without starting. The charger is amazing – performance is far better than we expected. The first time, we had a connection problem so only the two starboard batteries were charging; this time, both port and starboard engines fired right up. Frankly, the performance is better than when we were having someone start and run her for a couple of hours each week."
Sarah Baker

"I own your 12 volt charger [XC100-P] for 2 years now & I LOVE IT!"
Jim Homrich

"I just want to start off by saying I LOVE your products! I own one of your older maintenance chargers and two of your PowerPulse PP-12-L systems. I have been using them for over 8 years with greatly extended battery life on four different vehicles. Thank you!"
Brandon Warneke

"The 4 units I have for the batteries on my 40ft have been working flawlessly for so many years I don't remember when I bought them. And my battery lift has improved immensely. Thanks again for your genius!"
Ben Strasser

"I have used the PowerPulse and Xtreme Charger [XC100-P] for 9 years now and have kept the original batteries on my wife's 2002 Toyota Celica ( 14 yrs. old), and on my 2004 4Runner, (12yrs. old), going to this date. Numerous other toys with 6 to 8 yr. old batteries. This has proven to me that this technology works. Recently added the QuadLink [XC-QL4] to make maintenance easier. Highly recommended."
Doug & Dianne Wiech, Keremeos, BC, Canada

"I have been using your PulseTech products for, at least, 18 years and have some interesting results. I have a 1995 Foretravel motorhome, and have not replaced my house batteries since I replaced them in 1997, at which time I installed the PulseTech attachments… All in all I am very happy with PulseTech products and have recommended them to many folks."
Scott Bassett, Lakeland, Florida

"Just wanted to say what a great machine [SC-12] you guys make! I am very pleased with the results, we are recovering more batteries than ever and they are selling with a warranty that they are out lasting!"
Thanks, Jason

"I purchased [the] SP-5 SolarPulse 5 watt system 8 months ago for my bass boat and absolutely love it. I am [a] striving professional bass fishermen and travel all over the east coast fishing tournament. I'm running 4 batteries in my boat, and my trolling motor batteries were dying after 9 hours. Since I purchase[d] the PulseTech SP-5 I can fish from sun up to sun down with charged batteries. While traveling I have turned over a dozen fishermen onto your product and they see the difference it makes."
Thomas Harris

"Your battery recovery system looked interesting, so I checked with our service guys to see how many batteries we were having to replace in our trade-in coaches and might benefit from this device. We load test all batteries before selling the trades. The answer I got is that we are replacing virtually zero batteries, thanks to the Power Pulse systems. Some of our trades are eight or ten years old. A great testament to the Power Pulse."
Karl Blade, Miami, OK

"I also just wanted to let you know that I am a firm believer in the XCR-20. I have recovered so many batteries off the scrap pile that I would have never dreamed would come back to life. I will be willing to attest to your products with anybody that you would like to have call me. Thanks again for the great products."
Tom Sellin

"We have had great success with your chargers and have recommend them to a lot of people."
Jason Yablonski

"I can't be more pleased than I am with the performance of my Solar Trickle Charger. I leave the system on while the 5th wheel is in storage and find the batteries up to charge no matter how long between trips. The acid in the cells doesn't ever go down due to evaporation either. The pulse unit was installed in '09 and is perking right along… Thanx for a great product."
Fred Davidson

"I recently purchased 2 quad splitters (QuadLinks [XC-QL4]) that I hooked up to my yellow station [X2 Battery Charger] and it works great for taking care of all our batteries for our ATV'S, snowmobiles and seadoos. I have had several people purchase your products after they saw my setup and I explained how it works and what it does…"
Rob Giesbrecht

"The product is awesome!"
Rob Celeste

"I now have four of your 12 volt chargers. One is on the John Deere tractor batteries, and the other parallel charger is on one of my Ford dually diesel trucks. The regular 12 v charger is on my special edition Thunderbird 1600 motorcycle and has been since I bought the bike. It is always fully charged and the battery is already past the expected lifetime. The other regular 12 v charger is on a Kubota lead acid battery and has been all winter. Of course, it started right up in spring. The chargers have worked flawlessly for me and I have recommended them to my son, who just put one on his BMW 1200GS motorcycle. The battery had been very weak, and after a few days, it is holding a better charge and starts right up. I do not intend to use any other kind of charger on my batteries and Pulse Tech has done a good job designing their chargers. Although this sounds like more of an advertisement, it is just written by a very pleased user, who intends to buy one more parallel charger for the Dodge dually diesel truck that gets light use, to keep those very expensive batteries fully charged."
Terry Sprinkle

"I have your 2 station charger [X2}! It's been going strong, and has drastically reduced my expenditures for batteries. I still have 1 of my sailboat house/start batteries from 2009. I keep it topped up, twice a yr., and use it [on] my bass boat right now. I have 2 agms. for the trolling motor that are going on 4 yrs. for 24 month batteries…Keep on doing what you're doing! A very satisfied customer!"

"Living in sunny, FL, my boat batteries are ALWAYS ready. Never a problem. The products you suggested are PERFECT! Had them professionally installed (Sara Bay Marine, Sarasota, FL) and not only do they work well but the installation on my Glacier Bay looks great. No more cords, wires, plugs, electric bills, etc."
Mike Nemoytin

"We use one continually on our small fire truck. We use another to keep the fireboat and Hale pump maintained. They keep the batteries maintained without over charging. We use these chargers to keep our equipment dependable."
Randy Gondrella, Lake Hermitage Volunteer Fire Department

"PulseTech Products are great… [I use them on both batteries in my 2005 (purchased in 2004) SIlverado which are the OE Delco's that came with the truck. I have a small lawn tractor battery that I bought in April of 2003 that is still running strong, a battery that I bought in 2007 in a Volvo and an OE battery in a Toyota that was built in 2006 all still going strong because of your products. And I recovered an OE HD battery in a Bobcat Toolcat that I bought in 2008. Not to mention another battery in another Volvo and I'm not even sure how old it is. The only battery that the desulphater wasn't able to help was a small 12V battery on a DR wheeled String Trimmer. It could not rejuvenate it over the winter. But all the other equipment and vehicles batteries are doing great. I haven't bought a 'wet' battery since 2007."
Walt Posluszny

"I have a number of pieces of heavy equipment with 24 volt systems. In the past I've removed the batteries in the fall and put them in warm storage - a job I don't enjoy as we're talking size 4D & 8D batteries and most are in awkward locations - then reinstalled them in the spring. Leaving a battery outside and unattended all winter is bad practice. I'm in Fairbanks, Alaska and we do get some cold weather. As you know, a frozen battery is junk.

Last winter I had two of your X2 units on two Cat loaders all winter and the batteries were in good condition in the spring. I'd say that eliminating battery handling is the primary feature I like about your product.

I strongly suspect I'm going to get longer battery life but I can't put any numbers on that yet. This is probably especially true on batteries that are not used frequently."
John Bergelin

"I have installed the 2 watt 12 volt panel [SP-2] on a 97 f150. at first it was keeping a 4 year old cheap Walmart alive [which] I replaced it after it started to slip downhill more. I replaced it with a interstate battery now on 2 year. And it keeps it like new fully charged. My truck was only drove once a week from the yard to home then back.. I am very pleased with the product it is a small permanent solution that works."

"In 2004 I purchased 4 of your units; 3 each PP-12-L and 1 RP-6-12. Until a few days ago each unit has worked perfectly in 3 cars and a pick-up truck. All batteries lasting well past the 10th year of use even though your units were installed in pre-2004 vehicles. I consider that an outstanding performance, making your product an exceptional bargain.

I'd never really thought about the long life of either the batteries or your product until that one unit seemingly failed (the red light was inoperative despite my checking the connections) last week. It had been transferred to a new 2014 model from the sold 2000 car so that meant it had given 11 years of service… I thank you for your fine products; those four $69.95's (in 2004) have probably saved me close to $1000 and the aggravation of a failed battery away from home."
J. R. Yotz

"…we have restored more than 500 weak/old batteries with the SC-12 and XCR-20 purchased since our purchase. We have made some progress in the battery recovery business in Malaysia and are keen to further promote the business with the use of your excellent products."
Kong Chock Heng

"Yes, I received my order and the units are working great. I have installed one on each of my Class A motorhome storage batteries and they have actually increased the capacity of the batteries already. I used one of these units some time ago on a tractor that was used very infrequently and the battery was good for 5 years instead of 6 months. Please keep making this stuff."
Richard Daley

"I have used your products for several years now and just wanted you to know that they have worked as advertised. I first came across your products at an environmental seminar at Elmendorf AFB/Ft Rich over 15 plus years ago. After that I have purchased 2 – 12 volt Solar pulsers for my vehicles, 2 - 24 volt pulsers for my solar system batteries and 2 – 12 pulse chargers.

I can report that all my batteries have lasted longer because of this technology. My marine batteries in my boats only get charged about twice a year with the pulse charger for about 3-4 days at a time but I'm getting over 6 -7 years out of them. My ATV and Snowmobile batteries are averaging 4-6 years with just the two pulse charges similar to the marine batteries. My L16 24 volt solar batteries are about 10 years old now and are testing high in the green under a load test. My 2003 Dodge Ram diesel truck is now going on its 11th year and the two batteries still test in the good range with a load tester. Best I have ever had all my batteries last.

I tell everyone about your products. So I hope they are purchasing them."
Jon Cummins

"Just wanted to let you know that I am in the 15th year using your 12volt model, same batteries and they are still going strong (Rolls/Surrette). I sure your pulser has been a help. Have recommended to a lot of friends."
Trevor Griffiths

"I now own 4 of the XC100-P chargers, I really like them. I had an old car battery that had set dead on a garage shelf for 21 years, I had forgotten about it. I thought it would make a good test battery. I had to use an old 70s era manual charger to get some charge in it so my Schumacher automatic charger would work. That charger went into its desulfate mode, which is basically a 16+ volt equalization charge. That got the battery reading 12 volts again. I used an older style load tester, the kind that uses resistance wire for the current load. It went right down to the replace battery zone on the meter. Then my first XP100-P arrived and I placed it on the battery. After 17 days the load tester stayed just inside the good zone (tests are for 10 seconds). After 28 days I went as far as to set the battery outside on a 7F night. I put the load tester on it the next morning at 9F to have it stay well into the good zone, 11.4 V. I repeated the test 2 more times with the same reading. I then gave the battery a series of four, 4 second tests with the same reading. A battery putting out that much current on a morning that cold has to be in pretty good condition. I would have never believed that a battery that old and setting dead that long could ever be brought back to life."
Kirk Randall

"Ok, here we go again with another customer testimonial, and by now, I am sure you are most likely bored with them. Please hear me out! I purchased a Schumacher battery tender for both my 1996 Harley FLSTC and my Chinese 50cc Scooter. The Schumacher would charge but fail to maintain, with a reverse result... sucking the juice from the battery, thus draining it. I called the manufacturer, and was informed that there was a problem, and that I should purchase another. The second Schumacher responded exactly the same way, draining all the charge it had initially restored.

My bud purchased two Sears Die Hard $25.00 maintainers for his 2004 Harley Classic and his brother's 1993 FLSTC. They are working as mfg statements. I purchased the same model and attempted to maintain my batteries. The unit refused to respond in maintain mode and overcharged both batteries, which were replaced.

I went for seven months without a charger/maintainer and without starting either bike. The Scooter battery was extremely low. I went to Oak Grove Choppers in Milwaukie, Oregon, and purchased the Model XC100 maintainer. Not being much into bells and whistles, I must thank you for a well-made product. This unit brought both batteries up to peak performance and maintains them there. Since I have utilized the XC100, I have never had low battery problems, even with the Harley which has had camshaft work/higher output starter/battery.

I am well pleased to have found a product I can trust. Thanks again."
J-C Drouet

"In 2010, the Cammack Village Police department began incorporating PulseTech solar chargers on the purchase of new and existing patrol vehicles and to date we have had great success with these products. The vehicles which have the PulseTech Charger - haven't had any "battery issues". The solar chargers replace the parasitic draw caused by the aftermarket electrical equipment and the smart charge reduces the sulfation which kills batteries.

In a small agency such as ours we can cannot to afford to have a vehicle down, So anything we can do to keep that vehicle running and ready for duty - we are going to do. I believe the benefits of the solar cells far outweigh the costs and have done nothing but helped keep our vehicles running. "
Peter Powell
Chief /K9 Handler
Cammack Village Police
Little Rock, AR

"This device (36V POWER PULSE [PP-36-L]) really works!
I've had it on my golf cart for about a week and I can really feel more power from the batteries.
I can floor it from a standstill and literally get pushed back in my seat and the front end comes up a bit.
I'm a happy puppy!!"

"Just a thank you. I bought a sp-2 to hopefully bring my 2010 FLHTCU's 2.5 yr old battery back to life. The Tucson weather is notoriously hard on any battery. If I didn't ride it for 4 or 5 days, it would be a coin toss to see if it started. I have had the sp-2 on now for a few weeks (mounted on rear hard bag), and it starts up like a new battery even after 5 or so days of sitting. It's a wonderful product & I eagerly show all my biker friends. Thanks again."
J. Cedar
Old Pueblo Gunfighters
Tucson, AZ

"My old 2v cells are really starting to wake up, I've noticed the white sulfation flaking off and going away from the plates. Ampacity is starting to really come up, It's been a long time since they were this hot....I'm glad I found your product and I'm impressed how well they really work, they are worth far more than the market will bear."
David Hobbs

The following vehicles here at the ranch have Power Pulse installed:

  • 1982 VW Rabbit Diesel – Pulsed since 2006 when new battery installed.
  • 1989 Ford F350 Diesel – Pulsed since 2000, two units, batteries installed same time (11 yrs!) The current champ!
  • 1993 Suzuki Samurai – Pulsed since 2001, battery installed 2004, original battery from 2001 went to run pump on sprayer and is still in service.
  • 1995 Ford F250, gas – Pulsed since purchased 2004, sold with pulser, buyer would not let me remove pulser. (smarter than he looked).
  • 1998 (o/a) Club Car – 48 volt CarryAll, Pulsed with 48v pulser since 2004, first unit replaced by warranty (lasted 2 years). Batteries finally gave up the ghost Dec 2010. Factory is going to refurbish the carryall, and service manager for Club Car dealer refused to believe the batteries had lasted for over 10 years.
  • 2003 Ford Taurus, Pulsed since new, but battery gave out in 2007 due to not being charged up in timely manner (extremely short trips). Vehicle sold and stepmom forgot to take off the pulser, sigh.
  • 2004 Subaru Outback – Pulsed since new 12/04, factory original battery transferred to Suzuki above and is still in service.
  • 2004 GMC 1500 – Pulsed since new 03/04, battery replaced 2010, factory battery moved to electric generator, with charger/pulser wall plug model.
  • 2006 Jeep Liberty Diesel – Pulsed since 2010, new battery installed same time, no pulser, lesson learned.
  • 2006 Ford F350 Diesel – tow units, pulsed since new (unit being replaced).

Guess you can say I'm a satisfied customer.
Sincerely yours,
Martyn C. Reiss
Reiss Ranch (dba Portcullis Corporation, a Montana Farm Corporation)

"I'm still running my deep cycle AC Delco batteries in my boat that I bought in 1999. I take them out each Winter and alternately charge them (2) monthly with a pulse tech trickle charger. You don't have to sell me on the technology!"
Douglas Sutton

"That charger is friggin amazing!
Put it on when I got home last night and it connected to the existing harness perfectly! It ran through it's test and settled at 75% so I just went to bed. This morning I came out and it was at 100% and in maintenance mode.
Here's the bit that impressed me, I got in the car cranked it over and yes it started right up, but the biggest thing I noticed it how fast the engine turned over, It wasn't like that when the battery was new!
Just got back from a drop off in Oceanside and the voltage gage shows a solid 12.4 volts with the engine off and the ignition switch in the accessory position, normally this is around 11.9.
Thanks again, Regards,"
The battery is a G25 Optima

"In July of this year, the Truck Sales Department at Peterbilt of Las Vegas began experimenting with the 5-watt Solar Charger [SP-5} from PulseTech. We have traditionally had issues with batteries in our new and used stock truck going to a discharge state due to the extreme desert heat. Since installing the new chargers on out stock trucks, we have found that all the batteries remained charged and ready to start. We no longer have to worry about walking out to a truck with a potential customer only to find it's battery dead. The Solar Charger system now maintains the batteries at full charge and helps condition them at the same time.
In testing the stock truck batteries, we have found the Solar Charger system to bring the CCA of every battery up to and sometimes beyond the labeled CCA. For instance, on one vehicle we have a set of three batteries labeled with 750 CCAs, yet the battery analyzer now shows 912, 827 and 834 for each battery respectively. Solar Chargers that were installed on each vehicle with completely discharges batteries have brought the charge up and kept the battery in a ready to start condition. The Solar Charger has definitely lowered our costs for battery replacement which helps us remain competitive and maximize profitability.
In addition, our Parts Department has been using two Ready Pulse Pro 12 [PRO-12-RP] systems to keep new batteries in stock fresh and fully charged. Since implementing this system, issues with new batteries sold to customers in a discharged state, and resulting in warranty claims, have stopped, keeping our customers fully satisfied with their purchase from Peterbilt of Las Vegas.
We would definitely recommend the PulseTech charging systems to any company or individual who had vehicles which are not operated on a daily basis, and have had issues with discharged batteries not capable of starting their equipment when required."
Michael Schoch
Truck Sales
Peterbilt of Las Vegas

"The Xtreme Charge [XC100-P] works great, my boat battery as well as the motorcycle battery were brought up to full charge in about ½ hour and maintained at that high level……I get to the river to play with my boat and always have to worry about putting it on a charger on Friday night so I can use it Saturday……not necessary any more……………it will be ready when I am, I love my Xtreme Charger………"
Shell Reinish
Cyron Lighting

"I originally purchased the Xtreme Charge 5-stage Maintenance Battery Charger for my motorcycle and it worked great. However, about 5 months ago I decided to use the same unit on my Corvette which sits in my garage for extended periods of time and often required a battery re-charge to get it started. Using the Xtreme Charge Maintenance Battery Charger on the Corvette has been fantastic. It keeps the battery charged and ready to start with a clear and simple LED user interface on the front of the unit. Now my Vette is always ready for that once in a while blast up the Pacific Coast Highway with my girlfriend!"
Ben Kudon
Director of Sales & Marketing, Rivera Primo Inc.
Whittier, CA

"I have my boat parked on some property that is off grid and I attached the 2 Watt SolarPulse [SP-2] to keep the battery in peak condition. The boat is set back in the trees so I pulled the panel out in the open to collect the most amount of sun. As the seasons change I move the panel around to keep it out of the shadows so I just lay it on the ground. This worked great until I needed to move my Dodge diesel Megacab pickup out of the driveway. I just thought I'd temporarily pull it off to the side forgetting the panel was there. Of course I drove right over the panel and pressed it into the soft ground leaving a nice bend in it. When I discovered it later I thought "oh great, that was a waste of money" but on closer inspection found it was not broken. I put it back in the sun and looked over and sure enough the LED light was glowing bright, it still works! I remembered a discussion about the construction of the panel and how it was not glass like other brands but I never would have expected it to withstand that kind of abuse. Great job PulseTech!!!"
Ray Pfaff

"I had a dead battery on a Battery Tender for a week and put the battery back in my bike with no luck. I then used a competitive shop charger for an additional two hours to see if the bike would start. When I put the battery back in the bike and turned the key, the lights lit and then went off after pressing the starter. I put the Xtreme Charge [XC100-P] on the dead battery for approximately two hours. I then gave the battery one last shot and put it in the bike to see if it would start, I turned the key, pressed the starter and the engine started to turn. I then pressed the starter again and the bike fired right up."
Francois Saint Laurent
Friendsville, TN

"During the winter season of 1999/2000 my batteries were shot and needed to be replaced, none of the batteries were holding a charge. I installed 2 PowerPulse PP-12 modules on the batteries. (One PP-12 on the engine starting batteries 2 X 6V deep cycle flooded in series and one PP-12 on the 4 X 6V deep cycle flooded batteries in series/ parallel for 12V 880 Ah.
In just two weeks the engine batteries were back to over 13V and the four house batteries were back to normal in just over 4 weeks. We don't have a generator and having a strong set of batteries is essential to run lights, bait pumps, fish finder, radar and the essential inverter driven 22" TV/DVD player for the kids.
Now, June 2009, we tested the batteries with the PulseTech PT390 battery analyzer. The house bank tested out at 13.64V with a SOC (State of Charge) of 100% and SOH (State of Health) of 88%. The engine bank tested out at 13.64V, 100% SOC and 100% SOH.
These batteries were originally installed in April 1992. This makes these batteries 17 years old!
2 PowerPulse modules have saved me 2 full sets of battery change outs and based on the recent test data the PowerPulse modules have saved me over $2,000.00 in batteries and the hassle of changing them out twice.
These products definitely do what they say they can and then some!"
Dave Wicke- Captain
Uniflite 34 S/F "Shangri-la"
Huntington Harbour, CA

"Your Xtreme Battery Charger [XC100-P] resurrected a Grp 24 (Corvette) battery that my customer had replaced last year. My other 2 chargers failed to bring it up. I am delighted.
I have been racing in various vintage auto series for several years with a Ford GT 40 MK IV. For 2007 we are campaigning a Mitsubishi EVO in the SCCA National Championship. This week end is the June Sprints at Elkhart Lake WI. I feel those (race) vehicles would benefit from Xtreme chargers.
My (stored) Optima took two days to recharge and it is holding nicely."
J.R. Jones
Neosho, WI

"I run 7 of your 12 volt PowerPulse [PP-12-L] units in 3 pickups, a jeep and a Subaru Outback and now have up to 7 year old batteries."
Martyn C. Reiss
Corvallis, MT

Motorcycle Riders Club of America Tester comments:
"I am happy to inform you that the Xtreme Charge Motorcycle (battery charger) has officially been tested and recommended by the Motorcycle Riders Club of America! In fact the final results were a 100% approval rating and out of the 11 testing criteria the Xtreme Charge scored a perfect 10 out of 10 in the three of the eleven testing criteria."
Ross Turner
Minnetonka, MN
Motorcycle Riders Club of America

Would you recommend the product [XC100-P] to fellow Club Member? Yes
"The charger was easy to use, it's great for someone who knows very little about motorcycles and is afraid of sparking battery clips."
Michelle Jarvis
Wisconsin Rapid, WI
Motorcycle Riders Club of America

Would you recommend the product [XC100-P] to fellow Club members? Yes The suggested retail price is $99.95. At this price, do you feel this product is a good value? Yes
Best feature (s): The state of charge indication and dead battery indication.
"I would highly recommend the Xtreme Charger for charging and maintaining one's motorcycle battery. My 5 year old Yuasa battery was brought back to life when placed on charge with the Xtreme. Wish I had the Xtreme Charger earlier -- I could have postponed buying a new battery."
Paul Marquardt
Watertown, SD
Motorcycle Riders Club of America

Would you recommend the product [XC100-P] to fellow Club members? Yes
The suggested retail price is $99.95. At this price, do you feel this product is a good deal? Yes
Best features(s): East of use, multi ability, accessories included, speed of 100% charges on a 25% battery.
Michael Nicoletti
Wantagh, NY
Motorcycle Riders Club of America

Would you recommend the product [XC100-P] to fellow Club members? Yes
Best feature(s): Ability to attach leads permanently to a bike! And great gauges and meters.
"Best battery maintenance and charger I have ever used, especially like the status and bad battery feature."
Larry Bahr
Breckenridge, MN
Motorcycle Riders Club of America

"We have tested the Xtreme Charge [XC100-P] on three separate applications over the past month-unbelievably positive results. I've never seen any battery charging device that works so well-and is safe to leave attached 24/7."
Bobby Likis
Pensacola, FL

"I have been using the PulseTech charging system for almost 1 year now and to date I have not yet handed out a dead battery off the shelf, each battery is tested before installation all have tested with a full charge. Easy to use and is a good product. Pretty easy decision."
Dan V.
Chico, CA

"Have used your products and find that they are outstanding... and this is from not only snowbirds point but from Sportsman's position. I'll be back for more I'm sure"
Glenn Larson
New Carlisle, IN

"Congrats! My 24 volt solar system has 4-12 volt fork lift batteries (2 banks at 24 volts 1250 amp hrs each bank). I took specific gravity readings on each bank using PulseTech product on one bank and standard charging on the other. After one month: the PulseTech bank had improved specific gravity readings: at the two month check greatly improved readings on PulseTech side and at three months the PulseTech side had such improved readings that I bought a second unit! Now both banks have PulseTech technology being applied and specific gravity tests prove they work!
Over the last twenty years I have burned out over 30 220 amp 6 volt batteries and 14-l16 batteries at about 400 amp hrs. Your product works and now 3 of my solar friends have purchased your units. I bought a 12 volt unit of a different brand and it quit working after six weeks. I just got it for my shop; a float charging system for motorbike, lawn mower, etc. just for light use. I got my money back and rest assured your unit will be my next unit!
Dan Tyler
Dawsonville, GA

"I own a small marine repair business and have used the 12 volt PowerPulse [PP-12-L] numerous times in bringing customer's 8D batteries back into service batteries that were slated for replacement due to age and poor performance. The most amazing recovery was the first time I used this product, on a 61 foot Hatteras. Two battery banks were 32 volt starting/house banks: four 8 volt batteries in series, 240 amp hours each. The batteries were about seven years old, and as charged as their 30 amp charger could manage, but were in such bad shape only one engine would start, barely, and the other engine had to be paralleled once the first engine was running. Battery replacement would have cost several thousand dollars, plus the labor of swapping out half a ton of batteries from deep inside the bilge. Instead, I attached a 36-volt PowerPulse [PP-36-L] to each bank and left the batteries on their 30 amp charger. Three weeks later, on a cold winter morning, both engines not only started on their respective banks, but did so without the starter slowing at all for ten long seconds of cranking. The engines were V-12 Detroit Diesels -- two stroke engines with twice as many compression strokes as a four stroke -- quite a challenge for an old battery bank. The PowerPulse units are permanently installed, and now the engines start reliably and quickly every time. My customer is happy to have been spared the expense of replacement, and I'm happy because my back was spared having to lift all those batteries."
Stewart Gilbert
San Rafael, CA

"I used the Xtreme Charge [XC100-P] to charge up my garden tractor battery as well as two boat batteries. It charged them in a very short time. I am impressed with it's speed and efficiency. I usually get the boat batteries charged at a service station. Now I will not have to and it is small enough not to take up much space when I travel with the boat. In short, the Xtreme Charger is a very good product and I will be sure to tell friends about it."
Jean Lewis

"The arrival of the charger was opportune: we are rebuilding a motorcycle which had a 30-year old battery we RECHARGED using the Xtreme Charger [XC100-P], just to see if it would come back!! The next morning, my husband left his ignition switch on his truck on, draining the battery. Three hours on the charger and it started. My tractor battery is also low, but this charger brings them back from almost dead. Better than buying new batteries each year because the cold drains them due to our severe winters."
Melinda Derfler

"This came at the right time. As we were getting our rider ready for lawn mowing the battery was dead. We used the charger and it worked like a dream. It will even show you if there is something wrong with the battery."
Barb Schnakenberg

"I absolutely loved the size of the charger. I have a standard battery charger which is much bigger and bulkier than this model. I especially liked the evaluation and test mode that shows the charge rate for a battery. Also, I liked the idea of showing no connection and if there is a bad battery. Easy to read. I would recommend this product for it being easy to use and size."
Tess Roberts

"It is so compact and so easy to use and it charges pretty fast also."
Marie Bauer

"Now that the snow is gone, it was time to pull out the chipper/shredder and lawn tractor. I needed to recharge the battery and was happy I had the Xtreme charger [XC100-P]. It was easy to use and to store after I was done. For something so small it charged everything quickly. Thank you for allowing me to test this. I really liked it."
Florence Jackson

"Easy to handle and understand readings."
Gary & Yolanda Grewe

"Its size and weight helps to make this a very useful product along with its ease of use."
Whitey Coflin

"This product was made for a woman. My tiller is on a battery. Usually I wait for my husband to charge the battery, but this charges so easy, and not big and bulky that us woman can be a little independent on our own. Love it."
Gwene Turpin

"This handy little battery charger will help keep our lawn mower batteries charged up, and will extend the battery life because I will be able to keep the battery charged up even during long periods of non-use such as during the winter time."
Lisa Dunn

"Good presentation, easy use, works well and very convenient."
Charlene Zablotn

"Works as advertised! My Harley battery, despite being 6 years old, was on its last legs or so I thought. After a few weeks on your charger, new life has been breathed into it and now it turns over the engine like a brand new battery. Plus it's holding a charge better than ever. For a $50 1-year battery that I bought in 2002, I've sure gotten my monies worth. You guys are building a great product."
Wade Ramsey
Montgomery, AL

"I own a motorcycle training company with a fleet of over 50 motorcycles. My company has spent a lot of money on motorcycle batteries over the past few years. After receiving my PulseTech Xtreme Charge [XC100-P]. I tried it on roughly 3 year old battery. I tried multiple times to charge this battery with my other charger and it just wouldn't charge. I hooked it up to your charger and the next day it showed a full charge. I was a little skeptical so I put it in one of my bikes and it started immediately. It has been 3 weeks now and the battery is still holding a charge. I love this charger now! It is going to save me a fortune in battery cost. I whole-heartedly recommend this product."
David Tolbert
Motorcycle Training Academy
Colorado Springs, CO

"As a happy user for almost six years, I think PowerPulse units are essential... After installing my units, I noticed improved performance almost immediately. Their claim of increased battery life in my opinion is substantial... It is my opinion that these units with proper care and maintenance makes batteries far less of a weak link in an alternative energy system."
David Bawden
Freelance Writer
Delia, KS

"My customers basically want their batteries to last longer and work better... because replacing them is expensive. With PulseTech's products they can expect better performance as well as longer usage."
Mick Abraham
Abraham Solar
Pagosa Springs, CO

"I put a PowerPulse 12 [PP-12-L] on a tractor battery (three years old) that would not hold a charge and the battery is doing well. The 24-Volt PowerPulse [PP-24-L] units are also keeping my deep charge battery bank in excellent condition. Thanks for such a fine company that produces such an excellent product."
Baxter Whitten
Raymondville, MO

"We are a John Deere Dealer and have been using your Pulse Charging system for about a year and a half. We keep twenty batteries topped up all the time."
Lyle Neufeld
Greenvalley Equipment LTD.
Morden, Manitoba, Canada

"The Pulse Charger works great! It paid for itself in only a month and a half. I have recovered six very expensive batteries already. They were going to be thrown away and now I use them every day."
Gaylen Yamasaki
Yamasaki Farms
Tracy, CA

"I am a retired consulting engineer working part time as an electronics installer for yachts in Southern California. I installed three PowerPulse 12 [PP-12-L] units on my boat, each attached to a pair of older golf cart T-105s which had degraded to about 85% charge capacity. I was told they were effective but wanted to see for myself. The batteries were returned to 100% capacity (by hydrometer readings) in about three months. Impressive. I have since recommended and installed them on customers' boats."
Capt. Emmet Hughes, PE
USCG Master
Professional Engineer

"Fishing is a full-time job for me. Since installing a PulseTech battery maintenance system on my boat batteries, they hold a charge much longer. This is very important to me since my boat is essentially my office."
Terry "Tackle" Tuma
Fishing Professional & Freelance Writer
Minneapolis, MN

"I have a 40-foot, performance cruising sailboat with two large 12-volt batteries. These batteries would only hold a charge for about 24 hours. I would go out cruising and they would be drained by the time I got back at the end of the day. Then I installed a 12-Volt PowerPulse [PP-12-L] on each. My batteries improved quickly. Now, even after living on the boat, the batteries will last about a week before I have to recharge. I am very excited."
Paul Zimmerman
Santa Rosa, CA

"I have a 37-foot Searunner trimaran sailboat with two 6-cell deep-cycle batteries connected in series for the house batteries. With the boat in storage for six months a year the batteries' capacity to hold a charge were severely diminished in two years. Then I read about PowerPulse in Cruising World and bought one. Using PowerPulse the energy storage capacity was restored in about three to four days. I'm sold. I bought a second unit to use on my land vehicle."
John Hurd

"I believe that Industrial Marine is a huge market area that has barely been touched. I've worked in this industry for over thirty years, and I know first-hand the necessity of battery reliability on the water. The PulseTech products my customers use are incredible. They are increasing battery reliability and reducing their costs."
Barry Quarry
Owner, Quarry Marine
Gibsons, British Columbia

"Everyone at Bellagio and Monte Carlo resorts (Las Vegas) are very excited about what PowerPulse is doing for them. Increased battery efficiency and a major reduction in charge time for all their vehicles and equipment are extremely important to them. Their maintenance crews are ready to go at a moment's notice. That means their equipment has to be, too. By using PulseTech products they always are."
JoAnn Winner
Batteries Plus
Las Vegas, NV

"Four years ago I installed a 36-volt PowerPulse [PP-36-L] on my golf cart. At the time the batteries were about a year old. Recently my cart was picked up for service and the service company suggested I replace my batteries since they are now five years old. Instead, I had a friend check the batteries and we discovered they are at 95% of the new rating. 6-volt Trojan T-105 batteries rate at 700 CCA when new. My set of batteries rated from 654 CCA to a high of 689 CCA. Based on that, I may never have to replace these batteries as long as I have this golf cart."
Jack Michelson
Indian Wells, CA

"On the units using the PulseTech systems, the voltage and cranking amps have been maintained like new the past few months without having to charge the batteries. These systems have helped enhance fire department reliability and quality."
George Martin
Division Manager
Houston Fire Department
Houston, TX

"Battery dependability is critical in emergency medical life support vehicles which continually undergo rigorous service demands. The battery maintenance systems from PulseTech will not only save time and money, but when properly installed can help save lives."
Stephen A. Acai, IV
Director of Transportation
North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services

"We put a 36-Volt PowerPulse [PP-36-L] on a forklift with an eight year-old battery. Before installing the PowerPulse the battery would only last about half a day before we had to recharge it. Now it lasts three days before we have to charge it. It's always running in the green."
Gary Hutchinson
Darr Equipment
Wichitas Falls, TX

"The (forklift) battery runs in a freezer at zero to -15° temperatures. Before we installed PowerPulse, we would fully charge the battery and it would run for about 1-1/2 hours. Now the same battery averages about 4-1/2 hours. We were about to junk this battery and now it is performing better than our new batteries that are only four months old. We are going to install a PowerPulse unit on every piece of equipment we have."
Melvin Winberry
Fleet Maintenance Manager
Institutional Distributors
East Bernstadt, KY

"I depend heavily on the productivity of the forklifts to load trucks for distribution sales. After a month, it is clear to me that the PowerPulse was a wise investment. I have seen an overall increase in the battery's ability to store more energy and they are putting out a longer shift."
Tony Luong
President, Golden Duck Meat & Poultry
Houston, TX

"(PowerPulse) helped me open new doors, retain existing customers, and build a profit center. It's also differentiated me from every other forklift dealer in Houston."
Arthur Rodriguez
Product Support
Forklift Technology Systems
Houston, TX

"Amazing device. I recovered a 1-volt battery which was brand new but had sat for a couple of years and was completely sulfated and useless. Recovered in less than one day."
John P. Ferg
Ennis, TX

"I have been using and recommending your products for years. I believe this is why I don't understand what any of the common problems with batteries are. I don't have any problems with them, ever. In fact, I have never had to replace a battery."
Ron D'Agostino

"Out of ten days, only two had full sun giving teams with a larger initial (battery) pack an advantage. The PulseTech products helped us recondition our battery pack increasing its capacity further than we had ever measured. In a race where a fixed amount of energy is available, using it efficiently is the key to winning."
Josh Pieper
Director of Electrical Engineering
Sunrayce '99 Winning Solar Car Race Team
University of Missouri - Rolla

"I bought a Pulse Charger and it is a very good product. I had 15 batteries sitting around in various states of discharge. Some had been sitting for a year or two. All but two of them have come back to full charge and are still in use. Not only is this product good for you and me, it is good for the environment since I would have thrown those batteries away."
David Snyder
Mount Vernon, OR

"It seems like batteries fail when we need them most and assistance is often the most costly. With PulseTech products, the savings in battery downtime far outweighs the cost of the product."
Peter Black
Manager of Administration & Distribution
Shield Tech Products, Inc.

"PulseTech is a natural addition to our stores. We provide some of the highest quality lead-acid batteries on the market, and PulseTech provides maintenance systems that will maintain them at peak performance. The PulseTech product line is a true solution to age-old problems for many applications."
Dale Hintz
Vice President of Marketing
Batteries Plus

"I have at least ten to twelve product evaluations going on with my customers all the time. Not once has a PulseTech product ever failed or not improved a battery."
Steve Doon
Batteries Plus
Columbus, OH

"Probably the most significant response or customer reaction (to PulseTech products) has been our ability to utilize pulse technology to actually recover dead batteries in the early stages of demonstrating the value of fleet-wide implementation. The customer looks at us like we are magicians because these were dead batteries that they thought were trash. It is a very rapid way of demonstrating the benefits of the technology."
Steve Howard
C.E.O., CELCAT Distribution, Inc.
Dallas, TX

"I try to keep my students as up-to-date as possible in the automotive industry... (Pulse technology) is without a doubt cutting edge technology."
Joe Duty
Auto Technology Instructor
Pine Forest High School
Fayetteville, NC

"My 1996 Camry is nine years old and it still has the original battery because I installed a 12-Volt PowerPulse [PP-12-L] five years ago. PulseTech systems are a lifesaver. I don't know why auto manufacturers don't put PowerPulse units in ever new car."
Joe Di Matteo

"After purchasing one PowerPulse unit back in August, I was so pleased with its performance I decided to put it on all our battery-powered equipment, including solar deep cycle storage. I put the first one on my 1994 pickup which has the original battery in it. The battery was beginning to slow down noticeably when turning the engine over and I expected to replace it soon. After about three weeks I noticed that the engine was turning over much faster in the mornings. Now that the PowerPulse has been on the battery for over six weeks, I had the Batteries Plus store test it and it tested 600 CCA -- same as new."
Rod Summitt
Oaktown, IN

"I spent about two months in the Far East. When I came back to my car the battery was completely dead. Using the Pulse Charger™/World Version I was able to bring the battery back to about 13 volts and 800 CCA... I am very impressed with this product and there is no doubt this system works."
David Lim
President, International Petroleum Services
Singer Island, FL

"I've been selling vehicles and accessories for a long time, and PulseTech's battery maintenance systems are very exciting. From a customer side, they offer benefits almost unheard of in the battery industry. For my dealerships, they offer a potential increase in overall sales and a reduction in expenses very few products can offer. Not just in selling to immediate customers, but, because they work on anything with a battery, it opens up a whole world of new markets for us."
Larry Clement
Clement Auto & Truck
Fort Dodge, IA

"I placed this panel (6-watt SolarPulse ERV [12V ERV UNIT]) on my boat last year and think it is the best solar charging system that I have ever used. Thank you. "
Charles Grittani