Battery Management Is Key to Keep Fleets On The Road and Replacement Costs at a Minimum

Southlake, TX — JUNE 2015

Fleet and equipment 12V batteries, if properly maintained, can far outperform the standard lifecycle, saving tens of thousands of dollars in annual replacement costs and keeping downtime to a minimum—if simple routine maintenance procedures are followed.

As part of an innovative cradle-to-grave Battery Management Program (BMP), fleet and equipment managers can employ a series of high tech smart tools, including analytical testers, battery recovery chargers, battery stock maintainers, and the installation of permanent desulfators to automatically keep batteries at peak capacity.

PulseTech® Products Corporation, for example, has spent 16 years working with numerous national and regional fleet and equipment maintenance managers to create custom programs that follow a basic three-step outline.

The BMP protocol is simple:

Step 1: TEST and RECOVER

Test with a 777P-PT or 390PT Tester. Understand the state of your batteries with a detailed snapshot of their condition before you recover them. Then recover with an SC-12, SC-6, SC-2 or XCR Recovery Charger. 70% of 'dead' batteries can be returned to better than new condition. Recovering only 20 batteries pays for a complete package of BMP equipment.


Test with a 777P-PT or 390PT Tester. Ensure batteries are ready to go back into stock. Then maintain in shop with a PRO-12-RP Maintenance System. Maintain new and restored batteries in peak condition until they are needed.

Step 3: TEST and INSTALL

Test with a 777P-PT or 390PT Tester. Ensure batteries are in peak condition before installing. Install on vehicles with an SP-5 Solar Panel and/or PowerPulse Maintenance System. Prevent problems and extend battery life up to three times by installing desulfators on vehicles during routine maintenance.

An industry leading waste solutions firm purchased multiple diagnostic, corrective and preventative battery toolkits to support an ongoing battery management program for fleets servicing municipal and residential customers in 13 states.

According to Rick Miller, sales manager at PulseTech Products (, this waste solutions firm has already experienced impressive results with every maintenance shop reporting a high percentage of recovered batteries. This not only reduced the number of new batteries purchased but also helped support their sustainability program by helping to keep additional toxic material out of the environment.

Another Midwest fleet manager was equally impressed: "I'm sold on this BMP system," he said. "We've managed to recover 70 percent of our 'spent' batteries. The recovery of just 20 batteries paid for the equipment. It truly was money well spent and has saved us thousands of dollars."