Army Saves $500,000 with Battery Maintenance Management Program at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan

A Battery Maintenance Management Program (BMMP) run by 514th Support Maintenance Company Ground Support collects old batteries, determines if they are recoverable and if so returns them to pristine condition ensuring a reduction in requisitioning of new batteries.


Reduce the number of new batteries purchased


Through the use of PulseTech's BMMP and PulseTech's HD Pallet Charger, the 514th Support Maintenance Company Ground Support was able to collect, recover and redistribute over 2,000 used batteries in 5 months. The Pallet Charger has the ability to recover twelve 12-Volt batteries at a time regardless of battery type or size. It also desulfates these batteries allowing them to accept, store and release more energy and extends battery life up to five times. At over $300 a battery, this meant the Army no longer needed to purchase new batteries to replace the old ones. This translated to a savings of over $500,000.

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