PulseTech Products Corporation Introduces the New 390PT Digital Battery and System Tester

Southlake, TX - October, 2008

Knowing the precise condition and status of battery and starting systems enables us to keeps rolling stock on the road, boaters on the water, transportation fleets in a 24/7 operational mode and heavy equipment ready for the next assignment.

To that end, PulseTech Products Corporation, which has been maximizing battery performance while minimizing battery-related expenses for individuals, companies, fleets and military forces since 1994, has introduced the 390PT Digital Battery and System Tester.

This state-of-the-art battery health and starting systems analyzer tests 6 and 12 volt batteries and systems and 24 volt systems. And tests all lead acid battery types including VRLA (AGM and Gel) batteries, both deep cycle and standard designs.

"This is a great commercial preventative care tool providing users with a fast, safe and simple digital analysis of battery and starting system status in as little as 15 seconds," said Robert "Smokey" White, VP Sales and Marketing for PulseTech Products Corp. "A micro-load dynamic resistance testing procedure coupled with easy to read screen prompts makes for simple and accurate use even for the novice user."

The 390PT provides a graphical SOH (state of health) or SOC (state of charge) analysis for batteries, including Good & Pass, Good & Recharge, Recharge & Retest, Bad & Replace, or Bad Cell & Replace display readouts. As for the system test, measurement reading will include Cranking Volts Normal, Cranking Volts Low and Cranking Volts Not Detected. The rugged unit, encased in a high impact plastic case coupled with a durable shock resistant rubber boot and weighs in at just 1.6 Lbs and measures 7.5" by 4" by 2.25".

With a MSRP of $329 this tester will return dividends many times its purchase price and is positioned to sell very well in this competitive marketplace, according to White.

For more product information call 800-580-7554 or go to the 390PT on www.PulseTech.com.