Case Studies

PulseTech Equipment Pays for Itself in Less Than Two Months

School district saves thousands on school bus battery replacement.

XPO Logistics Improves Battery Voltage and CCAs with the SC-12 Recovery Charger 

City of Houston Fire Department Restores Lost Battery Capacity with SolarPulse 

One of Texas’ Largest Independent School Districts Sees Dramatic Battery Voltage and CCA Improvement with the SP-10 

MHC Kenworth Recovers 87% of Odyssey Batteries with the SC-12 Recovery Charger 

Isolating defective batteries and extending battery life can save thousands of dollars. 

Tests Prove Effectiveness of SP-5 Solar Panel 

SP-5 Solar Panel tests proves that it increases battery voltage and CCA while eliminating jumpstarts of vehicles sitting for extended periods of time.

Army saves over $7 million Recovering Batteries at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait

Use of PulseTech's HD Pallet Chargers recovered tens of thousands of 'dead' batteries. With each battery costing the government slightly more than $400 each it lead to savings of $7,023,133.

Army Saves $500,000 with Battery Maintenance Management Program at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan

A Battery Maintenance Management Program (BMMP) run by 514th Support Maintenance Company Ground Support collects old batteries, determines if they are recoverable and if so returns them to pristine condition ensuring a reduction in requisitioning of new batteries.

Kentucky Army National Guard (KYARNG) Sees Impressive Results 

Implementation of PulseTech's Battery Maintenance Management Program (BMMP) results in a 90% reduction in year to year battery replacements.

Texas Fire Department Case Study 

PowerPulse extends battery life and saves Fire Department money in both material costs and manpower.

Major Bottling Company Case Study 

12-Volt Solar Panel Battery Maintenance System and PowerPulse 24-Volt Battery Maintenance System improve fleet performance.

Large Trucking Fleet Success Story 

359 batteries thought unusable were recovered and kept in service.

Freight Transportation Company Case Study 

A well-known Freight Transportation Company sees significant battery improvement after using the SC-12, Xtreme 12-Station HD Battery Charger.

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