Army Saves Over $7 Million Recovering Batteries at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait

Use of PulseTech's HD Pallet Chargers recovered tens of thousands of 'dead' batteries. With each battery costing the government slightly more than $400 each it lead to savings of $7,023,133.


What to do with 10,000 to 20,000 'dead' 12-Volt batteries and more coming in from across the region


A two-man team was given 36 PulseTech HD Pallet Chargers with the capability of restoring twelve 12-Volt batteries at a time. In order to qualify as a recovered battery it had to meet both a voltage requirement and a crank-and-amp requirement. Over a two-year period, this team recovered over 15,000 batteries instead of automatically disposing of them which translated into huge savings for the Army.

Read the report by David Ruderman, 402nd Army Field Support Brigade Public Affairs