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PRO-HD-799 Recovery Unit

PRO-HD-799 Recovery Unit

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Part #: 746X799

Multi-Use: Charge and recover any type of lead-acid battery (flooded cell, sealed, VRLA, and AGM) in the vehicle with battery box open. Smart technology and pulsing prevents battery gassing and automatically switches between 12 and 24 volts. The unit provides charge with flexible, low-resistance battery power leads with conventional alligator clamps. Charger comes with built-in cable and tool storage. prohd.  Pallet Charger.  Pallet charger.

    ·    Rolls around where you need it
    ·    Works on flooded, VRLA and AGM lead-acid batteries
    ·    Reads the battery condition and automatically provides the charge it needs without overcharging
    ·    Extends battery life by high frequency pulsing to remove sulfation from battery plates
    ·    Attaches to the battery by conventional alligator clamps
    ·    Comes with built-in cable and tool storage
    ·    Thermal circuit breaker protection
    ·    Reverse polarity protection
    ·    Low resistance, very flexible cable leads
    ·    One-Year Limited Warranty

Model Name: 12/24-Volt Charger Battery Recovery Unit
Model Number:  PRO-HD-799
Part Number:  746X799

Electrical Characteristics
Input Electrical
Input Voltage: 100 – 250 VAC
Input Current: 10 Amps maximum
Input Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
Minimum Battery Voltage for Charger Startup: 2.0 V
Output Electrical
Output Current:  0 – 45 A
Output Voltage, Bulk Charge:  14.8 V for 12 V Charging / 29.8 V for 24 V Charging

Mechanical / Physical Characteristics
Enclosure Dimensions:  16.5" x 28.5" x 12"
Weight:  96 lbs
Shipping Weight:  100 lbs
Enclosure:  Powder coated 14 gauge cold rolled steel
Battery Clamps Cable Length:  10’
Mounting:  Mobile Unit

Operating Temperature:  0°F to 130°F (-18°C to 54°C)
Storage Temperature:  0°F to 150°F (-18°C to 66°C)

12 V Charge
24 V Charge
Power On
Charge Complete

Safety & Compliance
UL Rated

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The secret to our success is our patented pulse waveform, which removes and prevents the buildup of lead-sulfate deposits on battery plates. That primes the battery to accept and store maximum power.

Long trusted by the military, our tech is ideal for anyone who wants to get more out of their equipment. Whether you're looking for a car battery maintainer or a reliable car battery charger, our technology ensures peak performance and longevity for your vehicle's power source.