PulseTech Products Corporation Introduces the SP25 25-Watt Solar Charger

Southlake, TX - November, 2009

For ten years slight variations of the new SP25 SolarPulse® have been used by military forces worldwide to keep equipment in mission critical, ready-to-roll status by maximizing battery performance. Today, civilian fleet and equipment maintenance managers can now count on the same battlefield battery performance standards with the launch of the commercial version SP25, the most effective solar charger available on the market.

Rated at 1.6 amps, the 25-Watt SolarPulse® charges, maintains and de-sulfates all types of 12-volt lead acid batteries including Standard, AGM and Gel types. The SP25 is designed to work with either single batteries or up to four batteries connected in parallel. The unit is ideal for virtually any kind of vehicle and equipment, including fleets, emergency vehicles, tractors, prime movers, generators, oil and gas field and construction equipment, boats and much more.

Earlier this year, the SP25 was recognized as a 2009 Spotlight on New Technologies Award winner at the Offshore Technologies Conference (OTC) held in Houston, Texas.

When mounted on any vehicle or equipment, the SP25 is an entirely automatic battery conditioning and charge/maintenance system. It combines PulseTech's patented, high frequency Pulse Technology with a microprocessor controlled intelligent charging algorithms to charge, condition and maintain vehicle and equipment batteries, extending battery performance and useful life up to five times.

As a battery ages through use or sits unused for periods of time, lead sulfate crystals can enlarge and build-up excessively to the point where they create a physical barrier across the surface of the battery plates. Before long, this build-up can become so dense that a battery is no longer able to accept or release energy.

Featuring a virtually indestructible industrial design, the SP25 features a polyurethane encapsulated solar panel mounted on a solid aluminum back plate. Highly efficient the unit uses proven single-crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells. Waterproof and offering flexible mounting options, the panel dimensions are 17.75" x 21.25" X 0.125". LED indicators provide easy-to-understand status functions.

For more product information call 1-800-580-7554 or go to the SP25 on www.pulsetech.com.