PulseTech Products Corporation Introduces the SC-12 Pallet Charger

Southlake, TX - April, 2009

A revolutionary advancement in multiple battery charging, the SC-12 Pallet Charger features 12 independent 8A (max) charging channels secured inside an HPX plastic roll-around cabinet.

Working with any type of battery, including flooded, AGM or GEL, this state-ofthe-art charger actually interrogates the battery and profiles it prior to beginning the pulse charge/conditioning sequence.

"The key to successful recovery and proper charging of batteries, including heavily discharged and sulfated batteries, is the one-two punch provided by the application of our patented high frequency pulse and the correct charge current provided by our exclusive algorithms," said Robert "Smokey" White, Vice President of Sales for PulseTech Products Corporation. "It doesn't matter what type of batteries you may have or the size of each of the 12 batteries attached because the SC-12 Charger deals with each battery individually."

Features include:

  • Connect to a single battery or 12, the operation is the same
  • 12 Fully automatic chargers in one, feature computer controlled 5 Stage battery charging auto ranging from 0 to 8 amps
  • Batteries can be left attached indefinitely without the risk of over charging – no more battery "Baby Sitting"
  • 1 Volt start up – maximizes battery recovery opportunity
  • Patented Pulse Technology – can bring batteries thought dead "back to life"
  • Easy to read LEDs indicate: Battery Disconnected, Bad Battery, Recovery Charge, Pulse Charge, Charge Complete, Reverse Polarity and Temperature Shutdown
  • World voltage capable via a detachable IEC input cable

The sturdy, sealed mobile unit weighs 48 pounds (without cables) and 57 pounds (complete). Safe to use, the SC-12 is reverse polarity protected and is spark protected. A 25' extension cable (part number SC-EXT 25' cable extension) is also available as needed.

For more information visit the SC-12 Pallet Charger HERE.