PulseTech Products Corporation Introduces a Line-Up of "Environmentally Responsible Products"

Long before it was fashionable for companies to proclaim "Green is Good" messaging, PulseTech® Products Corporation was busy improving the performance and extending the life cycles of millions of batteries for both the military and private sector consumers with its exclusive line of products.

PulseTech Products Corporation (www.pulsetech.com), headquartered near Dallas, is an early adopter of a corporate Green Product Policy by keeping typical lead-acid based batteries for autos, light and heavy trucks, SUVs, small boats, recreation vehicles, construction and power sports equipment performing long past expected life cycles and out of the waste stream, landfills and smelters.

Based on statistics gained from recent annual shipment figures and a national recycling rate study an average 99 million worn out, non-operational, defective and/or discharged batteries are recycled annually at smelter facilities within North America.

In dollars and cents, the retail figure for new batteries shipped annually amount to an estimated $4.8 billion while those batteries going out-of-service as alleged defective batteries and sent to the smelters are valued at an estimated $145 million.

Nearly $96 million of that $145 million are batteries that were abused or damaged and in large part capable of remaining in service through proper maintenance, charging and conditioning. As a result of sending these alleged defective batteries to the smelter prematurely, the environment and consumers pay dearly. Wasted natural resources carry a large cost today and into the future.

According to, PulseTech® Vice President of Sales and Marketing Smokey White, PulseTech products, if used regularly, could save consumers a conservative amount of nearly $100 million annually!

White said regular battery maintenance is a true Green advantage for consumers, and can now be fully implemented in every household through PulseTech's simple "plug and play" technology.

"That's money in their pockets, and money that can go towards savings or other more important family purchases," said White, whose company has patented a unique PULSE technology, which administered through various PulseTech products breaks down sulfation buildup and substantially improves a battery's ability to accept, store and release energy, thus extending battery life.

As a battery ages through use or sits unused for periods of time, lead sulfate crystals enlarge and can build-up excessively to the point where they create a physical barrier across the surface of the plate. Before long, this build-up can become so dense that a battery is no longer able to accept or release energy.

Added to the typical car battery stress is a plethora of gadgets, and onboard systems that sap power and shorten battery life. Add-on electronics like iPods and navigation systems, found in many newer model cars, for example, are pulling power from that same 12-volt battery.

In 2007, Texas-based PulseTech Products Company took its Next Generation design and Pulse Technology to the street with the launch of its Xtreme Charge® consumer brand. The product was a revolutionary single-station battery charger that not only charged all types of 12V batteries, but performed needed battery maintenance and conditioning, extending the life cycle of batteries up to 5 times.

Would the consumer respond to the Xtreme Charge® plug-in and try me challenge? According to White the answer is a resounding "yes" as sales continue to show steady year-to-year increases.

"We've definitely found a niche in the marketplace, where consumers are willing to pay a little more at the sales counter (MSRP $99 for the single-station unit) for an advanced technology that is proven to not only fully charge but analyze, condition, maintain and extend the life of their batteries," said White. "There definitely is a sense of a true return on the initial investment for buyers."

The battery industry and consumer product rating groups were equally impressed. In 2007, Xtreme Charge® received a battery industry Innova Award for product development excellence and scored a perfect 10 out of 10 in three testing criteria, receiving a Member Tested & Recommended Seal of Approval by the Motorcycle Riders Club of America (MRCA). In 2008 the National Home Gardening Club awarded Xtreme Charge® with a coveted member-tested and recommended rating. In 2009, Xtreme Charge received he coveted National Street Machine Club (NSMC) Garage Tested Seal of Approval with consumer test scores of over 90%.

Today Xtreme Charge® has grown to offer an array of industrial-quality solar charging, AC charging and battery maintenance and testing products. In 2009, Xtreme Charge® introduced the X2, a dual station charger and maintenance system.

The company, according to White, remains on the cutting-edge of battery charging and conditioning product design and technology, and is steadfast in its dedication to giving customers maximum value and return on their investment. White said Xtreme Charge plans to introduce an "industry first" product in the fourth quarter of 2010. According to White, the new product "is designed to work with the products already purchased by our customers and will substantially increase the user value by providing extended service to multiple batteries."

For more product information call 1-800-580-7554 or go to www.pulsetech.com.